Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - The Cute Koalas

Some facts about koala:
Koala belongs to a unique group of mammals called marsupials which give birth to very underdeveloped young that complete their development in the pouch.

Koala 's pregnancy (also known as gestation) period is very short, between 33 to 35 days. Its newborn called joey is the size of a jellybean. After born, the joey crawl into its mother pouch which it must attach itself to one of her teats. The pouch faces backwards (opposite to kangaroos) so that no leaves or twigs get into it while the mother is climbing.

Pap feeding is the process which conditions the joey's stomach to digest the toxic eucalyptus leaves. It involves the joey stimulating its mother to produce a soft form of faeces that is high in micro-organisms that help break down the leaf which the joey will eat.

After 6 months, the joey will emerge from the pouch and cling tightly to its mother. When the joey grows and becomes more confident, it will permanently left its mother's pouch and can be seen riding around her mother back or stomach.

After 1 year of age, weaning is complete. The young koala will venture out by itself and establish its own home range. The life expectancy of koala in captivity is 14 years as compared to 10 years for wild one. As noted in Guinness Book of World Records, one koala in Lone Pine managed to live to an extraordinary age of 23.

Handsome Koala

Hello, welcome to visit me!!

Koala eating Delicious eucalyptus leaves

A very hungry Koala eating eucalyptus leaves.

Hungry Koala

Still feeling very hungry!

Resting Koala

Napping koala wakes up, look very fresh!

Greedy mummy Koala

A mummy koala eating away happily while its baby is sleeping.

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